Will using a VPN prevent you from getting hacked through your computer and phone

Will using VPN prevent you from getting hacked

Will using VPN prevent you from getting hacked?

No simple answer to this question yet can be given. It is hard for the hackers to gain access to your computer using trozan horse virus. But this is very effective to stay safe while doing online shopping using a public wi-fi where if you don’t use any vpn can be easily hacked.

How to know this VPN will prevent me from hacking ?

Simply don’t use FREE VPN. Free VPNs or cheap vpns are not reliable as they doesn’t provide full security of your computer and smartphone. If your VPN provider uses a weak encryption then it can easily be exploited and decrypted and hence your Credit Card information or the passwords can be eavesdropped by the clever hackers. When you choose a VPN make sure that it has strong encryption mechanism so that your personal information is safe.

Below are the few points that you have to make sure that a VPN service provider features:

  • VPN provider must not log your details. This is important because if by any means their servers get hacked your information will not be found. Also Law Enforcement agency can’t take your data from the company forcefully.
  • To avoid hacking always use VPN while using internet and the VPN service provider must have Kill Switch feature. That ensures you are always connected with the VPN. If VPN connection drops then VPN provider will drop your internet so that your identity is not exposed unintentionally.
  • Hackers always wants plain-text information but VPNs encrypt your communication channel hence it is very hard for hacker to access your info online.
  • VPNs changes your IP address with their server IP so hackers will have hard time making a direct connection between your computer or mobile and their hacking device like server or botnet. SO you must make sure your VPN provider has lots of servers in different locations.
  • While you are using Public Wi-Fi in restaurant or College , you are exposing every information that you type, view or watch. Public Wi-Fi has very weak security and using free softwares like WireShark anyone connected to the same Wifi access point can know about what you are doing online. Thus you must choose a VPN that will allow you to switch to network in very less time.

As a Cisco Certified Network Engineer , my recommended VPNs are as follows

I will only recommend you the best VPNs in the market that make sures your computer or phone will be secure from those nasty hackers and eavesdroppers.

Express VPN – Best VPN with cutting edge technology


Features of ExpressVPN

  1. Unlimited Bandwidth with Super fast download and browsing Speed
  2. Unlimited Server Switches
  3. 99.99% Uptime so your VPN is always ON
  4. Supports many VPN protocols like OpenVPN (TCP, UDP), L2TP-IPsec, SSTP, and PPTP
  5. High-End Security with OpenVPN 256-bits encryption
  6. Zero log keeping policy of internet activities so no worry about security
  7. 136+ servers in 87+ countries
  8. Stealth Servers in Hong Kong, Singapore etc-BEST FOR CHINA
  9. 30-Days Money Back Guarantee
  10. 3 Simultaneous-login Option

NordVPN- The fastest and most secure vpn


Features of NordVPN

  1. Strict No Logs Policy + Tor Over VPN
  2. Superfast Servers Everywhere: 723 servers on more than 53 countries.
  3. Lightning Speed
  4. Double data encryption
  5. Easiest VPN Ever
  6. Automatic Kill Switch
  7. Unrestricted Internet
  8. Safe Wi-Fi
  9. 3 Day free trial
  10. Six simultaneous connections
  11. Special obfsproxy technology especially for the VPN use in China

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