How does torrent vpn works?

US, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc. countries made downloading torrents using public torrent trackers illegal. Companies often work with the ISP to trace person engaged in downloading torrents and also have powers to sue them. CAS warning goes from ISP to the torrent downloaders. ISPs also ban the accounts of the torrent users.

A secure tunnel is created between the torrent user’s computer and the VPN server. The data transfer between these two is encrypted by encryption algorithms. So, The ISPs can’t track your torrent activities. VPNs also change your IP and mask it with the server IP so the torrent user can’t be tagged with their IP. It makes almost impossible for the copyright companies and ISP to track you and helps you avoid getting caught while downloading torrent files.

Types of Torrent VPN

There are three types of VPNs available in the market.

  • VPNs that block torrenting:
  • Some VPN companies avoid torrent traffic because it consumes so much server resources and may be they want to comply with the copyright laws so they will not allow torrenting. These companies often ban torrent users as soon as they find out that you are downloading torrents.

  • VPNs that allow torrenting but keep logs:
  • There are also some companies that allow torrenting but they keeps user’s IP, email, name, address etc. details on their server. Some companies keep the log for say, 6 months. This is risky because sometimes, they are forced to hand over the user’s data by Government Agencies or copyright protection companies based in Hollywood. So don’t be the victim of these VPN companies.

  • VPNs that allow torrenting and do not keep logs:
  • There are very few companies that allow torrenting but don’t keep user’s details.Private Internet Access VPN is one of the best torrent VPNs . This is also the ideal VPN for torrenting because they have the fastest servers that has optimization technologies to give you the fastest torrent download experience.

Top Torrent VPN for anonymous Torrenting

VPN ProviderReview RatingPrice/MonthWebsite
1. Ivacy VPN ★★★★★ 1.66$
2. Private Internet Access VPN ★★★★★ 3.33$
3. TorGuard VPN ★★★★ 9.99$
4. Express VPN ★★★★★ 8.32$

Is downloading torrents with no VPN safe?

No. It is absolutely not safe to download torrent without any VPN software. Some valid reasons are given below to encourage you to use a VPN while downloading torrent files.

  • If you don’t use VPN software then your IP address is exposed to whole worlds. Your PEERS connected with the same torrent files can see your IP address.
  • Your ISP can track what you do online especially when you download torrent files.
  • If you use Public Wi-Fi, you are using the insecure network so you need to use a VPN that will keep your communication secure. Also some networks like university network blocks torrent protocol or websites. You can easily unblock torrent website by using torrent VPNs.
  • Using a VPN tunnel also keeps your computer secure from hackers because no direct connection is available from your computer to the hacker’s device.
  • Some services like Netflix has geo-restriction but you can use VPNs to unblock these services with safe torrent VPN.