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Past decade has witnessed numerous incidents of information theft over the internet. In most cases, people using the public Wi-Fi or other open-source network leave the backdoors to their information open for the prying eye. Some tech-savvy users are clever enough to equip their devices with firewalls and other protective software but they do so without checking the reliability of their provider twice. It leads to catastrophic devastation of privacy which, usually, comes with years-long aftermath. Since these issues have become the norm of internet surfing, many users who attach importance to their privacy are seeking a reliable solution.

In the utter darkness of virtual world being full of scams, you would have hard time in finding a trustworthy tool. But if you are reading this post, I must congratulate you upon arriving at the right place.  Ivacy VPN has been the leading data security and privacy service provider for more than 11 years now. The range of its features has the potential to amaze you both in terms of protecting you against potential harms and value-added services included in the package.

What you can find even more interesting is the fact that you can enjoy hassle-free and unlimited access to a bundle of your favorite streaming channels and media platforms by using this magical application. Ever-growing worldwide user-base of Ivacy VPN thanks to this wonderful provider for enabling them to unblock their favorite streaming, sports, and news channels. Furthermore, it serves thousands of Kodi-lovers by providing access to a wide range of Kodi-builds without risking the users’ security or cutting corners on quality unlike its rivals despite being a budget-friendly choice.

What follows are the details on how Ivacy is poised to serve you better than any other Virtual Private Networking provider:

Using Netflix Outside the US Made as Easy as One-Two-Three

Without the shadow of a doubt, Netflix is ranked among the kings of media streaming services. With already hitting more than 1.5 million subscribers, it is one of the most coveted video channels around the globe. However, it is disappointing for a number of Netflix users to lose connection with this amazing platform while traveling abroad. A huge number of people living in other countries than United States are also wondering how to get access to this prolific library of media content.

With Ivacy VPN installed on your device, you should forget all your worries whether you are on a foreign trip or happen to live in some other country. Now you can enjoy hassle free and smooth access to your favorite streaming channel making as little effort as to change your server location from the built-in server list. You can choose from an exhaustive list of more than 450 servers to find the best possible match.

Are you Fine with Using a Proxy Server?                                    

You might feel so unless you discover the critical threats associated with using a proxy service to stream online. One of the most critical issues with proxy service provider is that it makes the data flow between you and your server without any protection. This unprotected transmission of data gives your server fair opportunity to build an idea about your streaming patterns and habits. It means that you always have one of your most valuable assets i.e. your data at stake while using a proxy service. Considering the perils of venturing through proxy, a sane Netflix user will always prefer Ivacy VPN which creates an encrypted tunnel between you and your server and protects your identity against any possible exposure.

Good News for Kodi-Users

Kodi serves as one-window media center that combines online streaming, photo-gallery, gaming, live TV streaming, and many other services to provide a highly customizable platform. Since the launch of Kodi, it has been pursuing continuous development and improvement in terms of its quality of service and convenience for the users. These days, developers are eager to improve customization through preset Kodi builds which come with various combinations of add-ons and features to accommodate the specific needs for different categories of users.

Kodi is all about fun and entertainment which makes some crazy users oblivious of the risks attached to their privacy while using Kodi. These risks are similar in nature to the risks relating to streaming at Netflix. While using Kodi over an unprotected internet connection, you have nothing to cover your identity. Hence, your server can seamlessly monitor your activities and personal information which you share over the network in order to gain access to your favorite content.

Furthermore, similar to the case with Netflix, Kodi also involves restricted access to certain channels and platforms due to some legal obligations. These restrictions annoy the regular users especially when they travel to a destination that does not support the streaming of their favorite content.  Who would like to deal with such irritation after subscribing for the service and setting up their desired Kodi builds?

If you want to make your Kodi streaming and gaming experience safer and ever more enjoyable, never forget to install Ivacy VPN on your device. Once you subscribe for your preferred Ivacy VPN package, it provides you a risk-free environment for streaming by masking your identity as well as bypassing all kinds of restrictions to let you enjoy uninterrupted viewing. So create the best possible value for your money if you are a Kodi-user by activating everything in the package with Ivacy VPN.

What Makes Ivacy VPN a Superior Choice?

A simple search for a VPN provider on the search-engine will return dozens of results. However, this does not mean that you have a vast choice especially when it comes to choosing a reliable option. There are a bundle of features and attributes that make Ivacy VPN stand apart from its competitors. If you wonder how Ivacy VPN is poised to serve you better than any other VPN provider, I would like to invite your attention to the following facts:

450+ Servers

With Ivacy VPN, you can incredibly have access to more than 450 servers across the world. You can simply switch among the servers to find the best match for your needs each time, be it unblocking a restricted channel or accelerating the connection speed.  There are very few VPNs around that provide half as broad choice as Ivacy VPN. Not only this but also you have added-convenience of high speed experience with most of the servers included in the server list. For many users, this is the sole reason for being in love with this outstanding provider.

256-bit Encryption

Even though the advancement of software engineering has produced some concrete solutions, hackers have also managed to keep pace with these trends with their ever-evolving deceptive techniques. Strength of a data security gateway largely depends on the strength of encryption. Most of the VPN providers out there are vulnerable to critical risks due to their fragile mechanism of encryption. In some cases, hackers do not have hard time in guessing the security key. However, Ivacy VPN creates an unassailable layer of protection with its 256-bit AES encryption. This enables you to freely surf and stream your favorite content along with the ease of P2P file-sharing to satisfy the torrenters’ thirst.

User-friendly Interface

It is common among users to hate some of the featured VPN providers simply for the reason of complicated functionality.  User-interface is one of the areas where Ivacy VPN excels and has a fair advantage over its competitors. It is easy to set up and even easier to use. All you need to do is to activate the software as you go online. Also, you can easily navigate among different functions. For example, mere a single click will redirect you to the server list from where you can select one that best meets your needs. Similarly, you can smoothly split among the data security tunnels using its simple-to-use split-tunneling feature to prioritize the protection according to the degree of sensitivity attached to each part of your data.

High Compatibility

One of the best things about Ivacy VPN is the support for every device be it a PC, laptop, Smartphone, or any other under the sun. For this reason, Ivacy VPN is arguably one of the most sought-after data security and privacy service platforms among diverse groups of internet users.

Ridiculously low pricing

Sum of exclusive features mentioned above may portray the image of a costly service provider in a reader’s mind. However, many will have their mouth gaping wide in wonder to discover that they can avail all this at as low price as only $2.25 per month for 2 years plan, $3.33 per month for 1 years plan, and only $9.95 per month for monthly plan. Hurry up to subscribe and save up to 77% on 2 yearly Plan and up to 66% on yearly plan with our Christmas Special Discounts.

Can you afford to miss such a great opportunity? Get a move on!






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