Best VPN Services Providers 2018

Top VPN service provider will help you to unblock Geo-graphical restrictions and also help you to hide your online identity with Secure tunneling features.

Here we present you top 5 best VPN services 2017 .

Not all VPN support Every type of Operating System (OS) like MAC, Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, iPhone etc. and not every VPN is good as a means of security and privacy concern.

Best VPN services 2017 TOP 1:

Private Internet Access VPN


Among many other options the VPN I personally tested by using WireShark and other Spying softwares and found that Private Internet Access VPN beats all other VPNs and supports many types of encryption algorithms like IPSec/L2TP, PPTP and SOCKS5 technologies. PIA VPN also has built-in firewall systems to block intrusion by the attackers or hackers to prevent you from Wi-Fi data hacking and snooping attack. With PIA VPN your IP address is changed with the server IP so you will be anonymous while browsing. Especially useful for the users from US, UK, NL, CA, Romania, Germany, France, Sweden and Swiss where copyright laws are very restricted and also users keen to protect their privacy.


PIA VPN uses multiple VPN gateway that ensures total anonymity. It doesn’t store any user data so your online identity is safe. The danger of using not-so-famous VPN service is that these VPN companies stores your IP address, Email and location information for marketing purposes and also if any Govt. agency asks for a certain user’s log they will hand it over without thinking of your privacy. On the other hand, PIA VPN has included their NO_LOG policy on their website to give you confidence on using their services.

PIA VPN Features for anonymous browsing:


  • Multiple VPN Gateways for complete anonymity
  • PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec encryption
  • SOCKS5 Proxy Included for VPN
  • No traffic logs stored on their server
  • P2P Support and optimized server for torrenting
  • Unlimited Bandwidth for your downloads
  • Instant Setup & Easy to use software
  • Encrypted WiFi for online transaction
  • 3280+ Servers in 24 Countries
  • Block ads, trackers, and malware
  • 7 DAYS money back guarantee

Best VPN services 2017 TOP 2:


Pure VPN

Your IMs, e-mails and personal information are safe from hackers because PureVPN encrypts your Internet Connection. ISPs can’t track your online activity as your web browsing, downloading and torrenting traffic is hidden and it can’t be decrypted by the ISP. PureVPN has 256-bit military-grade reinforced encryption that protects end-to-end data and ensures top security.Do you stream a lot of media and download lots of files? Then PureVPN ensures top download speed as their servers are optimized for Streaming and Torrent downloading.

PureVPN’s Features

  • Multiple Security Protocols :
    PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IKEv2, OpenVPN & the revolutionary Stealth protocol Supported by PureVPN.
  • Unlimited Data Transfer:
    PureVPN offers unlimited bandwidth
  • Multi Logins:
    5 different devices can use the same VPN account
  • IP Leakage Protection:
    Get complete protection against IPV6 and DNS leak to help you avoid getting caught.
  • Internet Kill Switch:
    Often when net connection drops it prevents unwanted IP exposure by disconnecting
  • Complete Anonymity:
    PureVPN offers more than 80,000+ IPs for complete anonymity.
  • Defeat ISP Speed Throttling:
    Become invisible to even your ISP to avoid speed throttling.
  • Unlimited Server Switching:
    300+ servers on different locations
  • Secure Wi-Fi:
    Wi-Fi connection at home, office, cafes or anywhere else is protected with military-grade encryption.

So PureVPN accepts anonymous payment like BitCoin and gives you complete anonymity. On the other hand, PIA VPN is the perfect VPN in terms of both security and download speed.

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