Top 15 Free Torrent leech sites to download torrents on IDM [Download torrent over HTTP Protocol]

Torrent sites and bittorrent protocols are blocked by ISP, University administrator, Company network etc. to keep users away from the torrent sites. If you can’t use torrent client like Vuze, uTorrent, qBitTorrent etc. then you can use the HTTP torrent leeching sites like zbigz as we mentioned here in the post. You can also check zbigz alternative site .

. Are you fed up because lots of torrent sites are taken down in recent years? Then check our latest blog post about Top 10 working torrent search engine sites. Don’t forget to use a Torrent VPN while you are downloading files from these leech sites. SafeTorrentVPN team recommends ExpressVPN for torrenting. Also, you can use one VPN account for all of your home/office devices by using VPN on router.

Why you should use torrent leeching site to download torrent files

  • Although the torrent protocols and port range are blocked on your network you can still download torrents via IDM.
  • You can add torrent files to these sites and forget. The file will be downloaded and always become ready on their site.
  • Torrent files will less number of seeders can be downloaded as torrent leeching site has advanced seedbox application.
  • Pause and resume torrent files without any issue.
  • Hide your torrent traffic from the ISP.

Top 15 Torrent leeching sites


Recommended – has wonderful user interface that you can access from any Desktop, Mobile or PC. Bitport servers are very fast and you will get your torrent leech service within few minutes. Just copy the magnet link or upload the torrent file on their website and direct download link will be available within minutes.

Bitport is very stable, super fast torrent caching site with Gigabit per second network speed. If you want you can stream movies right through dashboard and you won’t have to wait for the file to be downloaded anymore.

Click here to Visit



No.1 –

Zbigz doesn’t require you to register but the download speed is limited to 512Kbps and 1GB torrent size maximum for free users. Zbigz is one of the first torrent leeching site and now the most popular sites among all. From zbigz site you can upload torrent file and generate direct link. Torrent to ddl best site is

Click here to visit


No.2 –

Filestream is great zbigz alternative. Although free users has low space available but you can use our above link to get 1 USD as bonus credit. You can buy premium package with it. Filestream has iPhone app too. From filestream dashboard you can download torrent files with superfast download speed.

Click here to Sign-Up on


No.3 –

offcloud torrent leeching siteOffcloud not only download torrent files to their dashboard, it can also save downloaded torrent files to Google Drive, Dropbox etc.

Using offcloud you can also remote upload files from many file hosting sites like uptobox,, etc. So you will never need premium account for more than 50 file hosting site. Did I tell you that you can also download videos from streaming sites like Vimeo too? is truly the swiss army knife tool for torrent leeching users. This is one website with so many features that you may get lost easily. I prefer their premium package which gives more storage and more freedom.

No.4 – TransferCloud lets you transfer files from anywhere on the cloud. This is one of the best torrent leeching site. You can download upto 5 files on 7 day free trial. Once you paste the magnet link, transfercloud will fetch the torrent file and upload on their high speed server. After the direct download link is generated you can easily download the file from your browser or use IDM to get faster download.

Click here to visit



No.5 – Furk.Net


Furk.Net is one of the best zbigz alternative site. It has both downloading and streaming feature of torrents. After signup, just paste your torrent magnet link and let site take care of the rest.

Click here to visit Furk.Net



filesloop torrent caching site is also another torrent leeching site with features such as downloading torrent files and filehoster site leeching service. Using this site you can also search the torrent file and then directly download the file onto filesloop dashboard. This fast torrent caching site is now dominating the torrent world.

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No.7 works similar as and you can download torrent files using dashboard. We have found the download speed of very satisfactory. From the dashboard / downloader page you can download your torrent files.

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megabox torrent leeching site

Megabox is one of the mirror site of zbigz team. You can use your zbigz account on megabox with additional 1GB storage. Megabox is yet another torrent leeching site which you can use when zbigz server goes offline for awhile. Megabox is free and download speed better than zbigz.

Click here to visit


We discussed 8 free torrent leeching sites till now. Lets get into rest 7 torrent leech site like zbigz.

No.9 –


ByteBXcomes from the same developer company of zbigz. But ByteBX downloads torrent so fast. Although ByteBX gives less space for free users but if you buy their cheap premium account then you can enjoy unlimited speed and more storage for your torrent files.

Click here to visit ByteBX.


No.10 –

ZZLBox’s is another alternative. You can download torrent files and select the nearest server while downloading and you can also stream the torrent media from

Click here to visit


No.11 – was the parent company of Zbigz. The website is now redirecting visitors to zbigz site.

Click here to visit



No.12 –

This torrent leeching site was working perfectly but now-a-days it often refuses new torrent files. But give it a try, if you are lucky you will will get your torrent files downloaded for free.

Click here to visit


No.13 – Streamza

streamza torrent leeching sites


Streamza is a torrent leeching site with emphasise on streaming. You can download torrent files or stream it using streamza.

Click here to Visit Streamza


No.14 – : is a pay per use seedbox service but it is also great torrent leeching site if you are into the paid options.

No.15 – : lets you download torrents and save it on dropbox and Google Drive but remember this one is paid service only./p>

So,we have collected and verified each of the torrent leeching site and all of them are now up and running. Please let us know about new torrent leeching sites.



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