How to set up VPN on router

In order to configure Virtual Private Network (VPN) router on your system, an internet connection along with Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) is the requirement of (VPN). Before diving into the setting plan of VPN router, one must know why we need a VPN router. As we know VPN is very useful for privacy and geo block site accessing but there are some drawbacks of VPN such as you can’t connect your smart-TV to VPN. Only single device is authorized by VPN providers and if multiple stakeholders uses the VPN services, it may be detected by VPN providers. Therefore a VPN router is the best option for connecting multiple users with single VPN service.

Why Router + VPN is equals to WIN?


This is an era of emerging technological development every day and without the internet connection you can’t access this pearls of knowledge. If you are using only VPN service you are still missing something which contributes to your learning and that is VPN router. A VPN router increase the user accessibility to single VPN service. It also promotes the safety and security of your sites. You also not need to log in whenever you browse a site.  Any other device which will connect to your WIFI’s connection, it will be facilitate with your VPN service on multiple devices without interrupting your security.


How to Choose a VPN router?

Before buying the router, one must need to know that every router is not having the facility of pre-installed VPN service and even keep in mind that every router does not facilitate to run the connection with VPN service. Therefore you must be vigilant while selecting the VPN router.

Here several VPN routers detail have been listed:

  1. The easiest way to get pre-installed VPN router is Pre-Flashed Router in which the VPN is installed by the manufacturer. So if you want to get rid from installation process of the VPN connection to the router you may use this Pre-flashed Router. These routers are more expensive than other routers because the installation is already have been processed in it.
  2. Other option is out of box VPN router which means you can use any VPN provider with this type of router. These routers also have pre-processed installation of stock firmware in order to give you a wide variety of VPNs.
  3. The most sophisticated form of VPN router may be said as Flash routers with new VPN Firmware. The name also shows that you have right to install a new firmware of VPN to your router.

The firmware are very essential need of routers to work as a VPN client. The most common firmware are DD-WRT and Tomato. Both of the firmware have its own advantages, so let’s look at their pros and cons.

The DD-WRT is more accessible on different devices rather than Tomato. It increase the authority to access your home network from far of places. The quality services also improves with the DD-WRT firmware. While the Tomato is exclusively more user friendly interface and good management of bandwidth facility. The major problem with tomato is it’s unavailability over different types of routers.

How to choose a VPN provider?  

The most crucial fact about choosing the VPN provider is to know the speed and accessibility    of the VPN connection. Here few of the VPN providers have been given such as:

IVACY VPN   is known to be compatible with any type of Routers that has VPN option in their settings. This one is the fastest yet competitive priced so we would strongly recommend you to go with this one for your routers. (Also you’re getting 30 days money back guarantee so you have nothing to loose if you don’t like their services).

ExpressVPN which is most renowned for its speed, privacy and unblocking the sites. IPVanish have best for security purpose and excellent downloading speed along with zero traffic logs. NordVPN is an ultra-secured provider up to six devices with good performance.

Above three of the best options have been listed, you may select any of the above option in order to gain excellent results.

How to set up a VPN on router?

  • After choosing the VPN provider, now set the router with VPN. Here the step by step approach is applied to install the VPN upon router. In order to install the ExpressVPN upon router, follow these simple steps:
  1. Create a VPN account, and click upon the “See all devices” option. On the setup page, click the router icon. Copy and paste your Activation Code in the required field and select the router model in the right side. After selecting the router model, click upon the Download Firmware option
  2. The second step is to connect the router with your modem or wireless connection. In case of Ethernet, plug the Ethernet cable from modem to WAN port of router. Don’t forget to connect your computer system connection with LAN port of router. In case of wireless connection, your primary router must be connected to internet.
  3. The third step is to flash the router. There are different types of router provided by ExpressVPN. Here only Asus is mentioned.
  4. Follow these steps to flash the Asus router:
  • Turn your router on and connect it to your computer.
  • Go to the dashboard of Asus router and log in to your admin account.
  • Select the firmware which you have downloaded and upload it to the Firmware Upgrade tab.
  • You need to re-plug in your internet connection to your router after it upgrade the firmware.
  • Then, go to and login with your username and password.
  • Enter the activation code and click the activate button.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are the most frequently asked questions of the users and other stakeholders.

  1. Is it a good idea to use free VPN for router?

 It is always a bad option to use a free VPN on router because all of your security and privacy will be disturbed. Nothing in this world is free of cost. Whatever you do, you will surely be rewarded with its outcomes sooner or later, so if you are not conscious about your data which is the most precious asset of 21st century, then you should use a free VPN on your router.

  1. Which VPN router should be selected for home usage?

As stated above the best VPN providers are ExpressVPN and one should use Asus RT-AC86U router for the great speed and complex firmware structure. You can also google other features of this Asus router.

  1. Why dedicated VPN are very popular?

A simple VPN does not provide the facility of multiple stakeholder access to single VPN, therefore, in order to make accessibility of single VPN to different items like smart TV, mobile devices and computer systems, the dedicated VPN are getting very much popular.

  1. How VPN router behind another router works?

If you are using the modem as internet connection, it will act as primary router. In order to make the VPN router connection with your VPN router the step by step guideline has been stated above in the setting of VPN on router topic.

  1. Is it wise to buy VPN routers via amazon?

In order to buy the VPN router, firstly you must select the best VPN routers providers and then you can buy it online via amazon. Second thing is to check the reviews of different users regarding the required product.

  1. How pre-configured VPN router facilitate?

The pre-configure routers facilitate the customer by installing all the setting of VPN to the routers you just need to connect it with your router just by log in to your username and password.

  1. What is the best VPN router in UK?

The best VPN router in UK is ExpressVPN due to its high speed and privacy facility. Other VPN also have some amazing facts like IPVanish, NordVPN, VyprVPN and other high level VPNs.

  1. Is the TP-link wireless router TL-WR841N VPN enabled?

The tp-link wireless router TL-WR841IN is enabled for VPN tunneling but it does not support flash firmware for the built-in VPN routers.

  1. Do you need a VPN router if you already have a VPN Service?

The VPN is the service to access the geo-blocked site along with high privacy and security connection. The major role of VPN router is to get the access of VPN service to multiple users.

  1. Does connecting your router to a VPN slow down your internet speed?

Not at all, the VPN router never slow down your VPN internet speed. Some of the examples of VPN has been stated above in the description such as NordVPN, ExpressVPN and many other VPN which speed up your internet speed along with multiple users.

  1. What are the pros and cons of using a VPN router vs a VPN service?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) Router is a device that lets you give access to the resources behind it, creating a secure tunnel between the users and your network VPN.  VPN Service in the other hand is a service that lets you conceal your IP address thus making your net surfing more secure and in an encrypted way.

  1. How do I link a VPN router to my secondary router?

To connect the VPN router with your secondary router please read the above topic of setting up the VPN on router. There is step by step guidelines given over there.

  1. Is it possible to run a VPN in a router which is connected to another router, if I need to set a VPN only to a specific device?

Yes one can easily run the VPN in a router which is connected to another router may be primary or secondary router.

  1. What protocol is best suited to secure my traffic and downloads through a router acting as VPN client?

PPTP and OpenVPN protocols are best suited in order to secure the content with other sites. All the other details and features of these protocol can be search via Google.

  1. Why are we told we need both a VPN and a VPN router? If we have one, why do we need the other? Does “big tech” just want us to spend more?

It is not necessary to use VPN router along with VPN service. The main reason to use VPN router to the multiple user and different items accessibility to VPN in a single connection.

  1. Does VPN hide web activities from a local router and router logs?

The dedicated VPN hides the web activities from other routers but if you are using the free VPN, then the information and other content will be leak.

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