Download Free Movies from torrent sites

If you want to download free movies from torrent sites you must know some basic tricks.

If you like FREE MOVIES:

Well , All movies are free in torrent so you don’t need to worry about it. First, you must choose a reputable torrent site. I like ExtraTorrent which gives me pretty much the latest of everything.
IF you want to download movies:
Now you need to find a way to download torrent files.

Many people uses different methods. Some uses bittorrent client like utorrent but this has severe disadvantages:
University or Work Network blocks bittorrent protocl so utorrent becomes useless
Speed it gives is very low so can’t be good if you are heavy torrent downloader.
Your network IP is visible to the whole world and copyright protection org or ISP can easily track you.
Your question should be How do you download FREE MOVIES securely :
Yes , Security matters if you would like to avoid the fine imposed by ISP for downloading torrent files.
Step One:
magnet link 1
Visit any torrent site and copy the magnet link of the torrent file. Right click on the magnet icon and copy it.

Step Two:

Now paste the magnet link on FileStream (

If you don’t have an account in this website then create new one. It’s FREE. You will get 1 USD Bonus which you can use for any purpose.
Step Three:
This website will download the torrent file to their server so that you can download the file using HTTP protocol. So you don’t need utorrent or other software. Any browser or download manager can download it.
Step Four:
Depending on your download speed, your download will be finished.
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