Cyber Monday VPN deal of IVACY is here with 87% discount for lifetime VPN deal

Cyber Monday VPN Deal of IVACY VPN 2018

ivacy vpn cyber monday vpn deal


Move on over Black Friday – there’s a new event on in town – Cyber Monday is fast approaching! Even the name itself, ‘Cyber Monday’, insinuates that there is something relevant to those of us who are more technologically inclined. Indeed, if you are in any way computer -savvy you know the importance of having a quality VPN service when it comes to Cyber Monday. Let’s have a look at what you need to bear in mind when choosing a VPN deal this Cyber Monday. There’s lots to discuss here and not a lot of time till Cyber Monday … let’s get going!

Ivacy VPN is offering a particularly unbelievable deal this cyber Monday… if you are willing the invest in the service, Ivacy VPN are slashing their prices by a whopping 87%! That seems almost too good to be true doesn’t it, but don’t worry, Ivacy VPN is a reputed company that has been rated excellently on TrustPilot. Often when VPN services offer such good deals it can seem like a fraud or a scam, but Ivacy VPN really are just reducing their prices astronomically, a deal that you won’t find anywhere else!

Examining the price tariff in more detail reveals the almost unbelievable truth: Purchasing Ivacy VPN using this deal this Cyber Monday is RIDICULOUSLY GOOD VALUE FOR MONEY.

If you are looking to protect yourself against a whole host of cybercrime include identity theft and financial fraud while opening up doors to other cultures all while retaining a guise of anonymity, you’d be right to purchase the ‘5-Year Plan’. Also called the ‘lifetime plan’, this means that all you will have to pay a month for 5 years is $1.34. What’s that? You don’t believe it? You’re hardly to be blamed. In light of all of the features that are a part of this VPN deal on Cyber Monday (all of which shall be explored later on as they are all obviously a part of the deal) this particular lifetime deal is seductively tempting. What it means is that Ivacy VPN are acknowledging the fact that if you are investing in your safety for a longer time, you should benefit from lower prices. Which we personally think is a commendable principle.


Even if you’re not willing to commit, don’t despair: there are still massive discounts offered on other tariffs. If you’d rather go for a 2 year plan, you’d still get a phenomenal 77% off, which works out to about $2.25 a month. This is an ideal tariff for those of you who don’t wish to commit for a very log time but can see yourselves using the service for an extended period of time. Don’t forget that you’re still getting a massive discount for this Cyber Monday, a truly excellent VPN deal.

Moving onto the third iteration of the tariff we see that Ivacy VPN haven’t left any bases uncovered as they have also catered to needs of those of you who simply do not want such a long term commitment and instead are looking for a more temporary, quick solution. Even though your intentions aren’t of a committing nature, Ivacy VPN are STILL offering those of you ot there who only want a 1-year plan a 66% discount.

You need to take advantage of this Cyber Monday VPN deal right away, because Ivacy VPN service comes with a veritable plethora of features that truly make this Cyber Monday VPN deal the best VPN deal out there. Don’t believe us? Stay tuned then for an in-depth description of all of the fantastic features that Ivacy VPN boasts of.

In order to truly value the VPN deal you need to know what the basic functions of a VPN is, only then can you appreciate how well Ivacy VPN fulfils all of its functions and even exceeds expectations as far as features are concerned.

Let’s check it out and put it in terms that are as simple as possible.

What are the main benefits of having a VPN service?

  •         You are able to bypass Geo Restrictions
  •         You are safer while browsing on the internet
  •         You are safer while conducting online transactions
  •         You are shrouded in anonymity
  •         You are protected against external threats
  •         You are not under the risk of being monitored.

The benefits of having Ivacy VPN however, are even more pronounced and will demonstrate why the Ivacy VPN deal this Cyber Monday is a deal that you need to nab right away.

Ivacy VPN is obsessed with ensuring their clients’ security. Now normally, obsession isn’t a good trait, but when it comes to security you can never be too careful. Firstly, Ivacy VPN changes your IP address. That’s right, changes it completely so that no one, no Internet Service Provider or hacker will be able to trace your internet browsing back to you. Incredible.

This isn’t where Ivacy VPN draws the line – as part of this fantastic VPN deal on Cyber Monday you get the fact that Ivacy itself has a zero-log policy. This means that though your data is being channelled through Ivacy’s many, many servers, none of your information is being recorded anywhere. Complete anonymity at the click of your fingers with Ivacy VPN.

Another part of this VPN deal on Cyber Monday is that Ivacy VPN uses a 256 bit encryption on your data, which makes it almost military grade protection. This essentially means that all of your incoming and outgoing traffic is fully encrypted so not only can no one see your outgoing traffic , but you are protected against any malicious malware that a cyber criminal may try and send you.

Because you are completely anonymous, your protection is iron clad when It comes to making online transactions. Fulfil your shopaholic desires by making use of this VPN deal on Cyber Monday and using the extra protection you’ve got to do even more shopping and take advantage of other deals that retailers are providing! You may be wondering why this means that you’re protected while you’re shopping: let us explain. When you purchase anything, you have to input a ser series of values. This could be your name, your bank details, an email address etc. These little titbits of information are music to a cyber criminal’s ears.  If they can have access to these as well as your location, cyber criminals can perform identity theft and leave your bank account sparse and empty.

With this amazing VPN deal on cyber Monday, you get absolute peace of mind that this cannot happen due to all of the security features that we have been describing above.

Still not convinced that the Ivacy VPN Cyber Monday deal is the right one for you? That’s what we’re here for. You may remember that when we were talking about the general uses of a VPN connection, we mentioned that it helps to bypass geo-restrictions. You’d be getting an awful lot of bang for your buck as Ivacy VPN has heaps and heaps of servers across the world. Want an exact number? Here you go: Ivacy has servers in more than 100 locations in more than 50 countries. This means that you can unlock an entire world of entertainment not to mention become a truly international consumer and benefit from global commerce. Not bad, is it?

Another thing that will pull you towards taking advantage of this Cyber Monday’s fabulous VPN deal is that there are no strings attached. Ivacy VPN is an exceptionally friendly VPN service which is shown in the fact that they offer a 30- day money back guarantee.  Not only this, but they are constantly available to resolve all of your problems in a professional, efficient manner.  If you navigate over to their homepage and cast your gaze on the bottom right hand corner you’ll see a window saying ‘live chat’. It seems almost fantastical to entertain the though that this live chat is available 24/7. That’s right, Ivacy are so dedicated to the cause that they offer a chat at all hours of the day. Not only this, but as a part of the cyber Monday VPN deal you get access to hundreds of pages dealing with common concerns and frequently asked questions. Never again will you have to struggle alone when it comes to your techy problems – Ivacy have got you sorted on all bases.

Everything said above proves that this VPN deal on Cyber Monday is most definitely worth taking advantage of. There is nothing more important than navigating around the internet with caution, as it is a perilous task in todays world. By taking advantage of this Cyber Monday VPN you will be able to benefit from other discounts from sellers all over the world, and it seems absurd that you wouldn’t take up this offer. The features offered are beyond belief and truly will make your internet presence more secure. This is one of the best Cyber Monday VPN deals out there, take out word for it.



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