VPN deals for Black Friday / Cyber Monday VPN Deals 2018

VPN is a vital tool for the massive internet users that secures the internet connection all the time terminating any possibility of online hacking worldwide. We’ve prepared a special list below not only with the price but also provided their features.

Black Friday is one of the golden opportunities if you’re planning to purchase the VPNs with unbelievable discounts. Get set to grab any VPNs from our list with astounding discounts in the upcoming Black Friday which is around the corner!

Hence, VPN is going to worthy for you if you don’t want online burglary in your privacy or security. You definitely don’t want to happen such, really…??

Alright…! Using the VPN, you may remain anonymous all the time even when the traffic is routed through servers which can’t attribute to you. You would also like to access the streaming video sites like Netflix in your system whether it’s available in your country or not. Sometimes, it’s very disappointing when you abstain from accessing it.

But now, it’s enough….! You can access your favorite site from anywhere, anytime using the VPNs as given in the following list.

So grab any VPNs from the list with the amazing discount on each and enjoy your online journey. These VPNs are selected by our testing process and rendered that can deal best for you.

Guys, should be smiling on your faces after listening such amazing deals on every VPN this Black Friday!

Let’s take a look at each deal…!!

IVACY VPN Black Friday deal ( Get 1 year free + 77% discount)



Ivacy is a great product as well as proved preferable by many users due to some great features. Ivacy is offering the excellent deal during Black Friday which is just around the corner.

Ivacy has many user-friendly features so you can access the features of this VPN as per your online need. This VPN can be accessed from 5 different devices at a time so that you can enjoy these amazing features from different places at a time. So, be active all the time whether from your home or office!

This VPN is offering 1-Year Plan completely free in its Black Friday Offer when you purchase its 2-Year Plan. Hence, you’ll get the complete 3-Year Package when you pay $2.25 per month.

The best part of buying this product is that you’ll get the 30-Day money back guarantee. Instead of paying an aggregate amount of $239 for 2 years, you will be paid only USD 54 during the Black Friday Deal.

Are you thinking much about that Ivacy VPN..?  Just go for it in Black Friday, It’s worthy for you!

Oh yeahh! At last, I would like to mention it another great feature which is an extensive network of more than 450 servers in 100+ countries by which you can connect from anywhere anytime.

PureVPN Black Friday Deal Get 88% discount



The price of PureVPN is not more than its features seemingly which is fully equipped with the great cybersecurity features at a low cost literally!

PureVPN is one of the oldest Hong Kong Based VPN Service providers and you trust me, it offers a few phenomenal things compared to other VPNs.

PureVPN Sells one unit in less than a minute on an average that shows its popularity among the users.

Black Friday Deal is around the corner so you should prepare to grab the amazing discount on the actual price of PureVPN which is 73% on the annual plan.

Why are you much thinking when you’ve to pay just 27% of the actual cost during the Black Friday Deal?? Just go for it to purchase the PureVPN on upcoming Friday this week!

You’ll have to pay just $2.99 per month on an average where you make able to avail the incredible features never before. The 31-Day money back guarantee is also the best part and it makes the more beneficial product for you.

Another astonishing offer with the Black Friday Deal is the 88% Discount if you’re buying a 5-Year PureVPN Plan. It means, you’ll have to pay just 12% of the total price, that’s really cool friends!

With the amazing discount on the 5-Year of PureVPN Plan, you can avail the unusual features after paying just $1.32 on an average per month.

So, all in all, with the crazy discounts on the Black Friday, its expansion worldwide is also crazy which is serving in more than 140 countries with a great range of 750+ servers.

So guys, are you thinking more about it…???

Believing in me, you should go for it because it’s almost impossible to get such craziest discount on a VPN with such cool features!


NordVPN Black Friday Deal 75% discount through Cyber Monday


With the NordVPN Black Friday Deal, you can avail the 75% Cool Discount in the 3-Year’s plan with the top-notch features like Privacy Protection online and access the media content without any regional restrictions.

You can also avail the 66% Discount on the 2-Year plan while on 1-Year plan gran the discount of 41% where you’ll have to pay only $83.88 for it.

Hence, you should know that how big your deal will, the possibility of availing the crazy discount be more. You only have to pay $107.64 instead of 430 USD.

However, NordVPN is recommended by many tech sites like CNET, SafetorrentVPN blog, BestVPN, VPNMentor etc.

The availability of servers is unbelievable which is more than 5080 which is spread in more than 62 countries.

And what the number of connecting devices at a time which is also really cool..! You can connect up to 6 devices at a time without any additional charges.

NordVPN also supports almost all reputed Operating Systems like Android, iOS (iPhone), MacOS, Windows etc. You can also use the Google Chrome extension in many devices for free. Using the Cybersec (adblocker), you can easily block the ads from your computer screen.

Are you ready to experience the cool features of the NordVPN?? Don’t think so much about that, just go for it and grab these incredible discounts offered during the Black Friday Deal!


CyberGhost  77% discount on Black Friday / Cyber Monday deal



Hey, are you looking for the low-cost VPN..???

We think CyberGhost is one of the best options for you that also gives you the 6 months additional validity in its package. Now, it’s providing a great deal to its customers for a limited period.

Most of the VPNs provide you about 30 days of money back guarantee while CyberGhost provides you the astonishing 45-Day Money Back Guarantee. Additionally, it provides you the 18-Month validity instead of 12-Months and you’ll have to pay just $49.5 for this period.

Hold on, Hold on….!! Are you waiting to tell about the features of CyberGhost VPN…???

These are outclassed where you get the 256-bit encryption with the DNS Leak Protection. It comes with the perfect forward secrecy and besides, you can browse anonymously.

You also get a one-click access to host the media streaming sites such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer which are most accessible online media player for the users.

And what about the supporting feature of CyberGhost VPN…??

It supports Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android Operating System while Routers and Linux devices can be manually configured.


Strong VPN Black Friday and Cyber week deal upto 56% discount



In this Black Friday Deal, you can make a huge saving with Strong VPN deal as it gives you many features in just a few USDs costs per month.

Strong VPN is providing its services since the past 23 years and approach is excellent for the customers. I really recommend such type of strategy that the company has implemented in previous years.

It has only been serving in 22 countries as of now but is focusing to render the quality specs for the customers.

Wait wait…! Are you waiting for the complete specifications of Strong VPN...???

Obviously Yeaaas…!!

With Strong VPN, you can continue the internet surfing worry-free without any possibility of hacking and prying eyes. Hence, as the name suggests, it affords you the STRONG Security for all your online work because it makes you able for the anonymous security.

You’re also safe during the Wi-Fi internet usage and your data is also encrypted with the Strong VPN. It facilitates its users from the 24/7 live customer support.

During the Black Friday Deal, you can get an amazing discount of 42% in the Annual plan where you’ll have to pay just $69.99 with the 30 Day of money back guarantee. It means you’ll only pay 5.83 USD on an average per month instead of paying $10.


ExpressVPN Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Deal ( 3 Months Free + 49% discount)



You’ll be astonished by the amazing features and offers of the Express VPN in Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These are really tangible which is offering its services in more than 94 countries.

ExpressVPN provides fast and reliable connections to its users with the great security feature. The blocking capacity of suspected online contents is excellent. This is also recommended by many VPN tech sites so we suggest that you should go for it.

You’ll face no issues with Netflix US, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and many others that make these the perfect streaming players.

And what about the assistance if we’re facing any trouble during our online hours…???

No worries…, the customers care support is excellent with a 24/7 live chat facility always waits for your questions.

The security of the ExpressVPN comes in the form of 256-bit encryption. It also facilitates you from a kill switch and DNS leak protection feature. Hence, you can continue the unrestricted access worldwide with a superfast connection speed as well.

Express VPN Supports almost all the operating system like iOS, Android, MacOS, Linux, Windows as well as some routers. You can access up to three devices at a time using the single subscription plan.

Still doubt..??? Read our below data…!!!

ExpressVPN has become of the leading VPN Providers in British Virgin’s Island in just 9 years. The reason for more trust on this VPN of the customers is the robust security, privacy, and quality services.

Black Friday is around the corner where you’ll get some great discount by which you can purchase the 1-Year plan in just $99.95 with the additional 3-Month validity. With this feature, you’re also offered by the 30 Days money back guarantee.

Here, you can save up to 49% in the 1-Year plan instead of paying 194.95 USD. There will not be any discount offered with the 6 Months or Monthly plan so we’ll suggest that you should go for the yearly plan where you’ll not only get the amazing discount during the deal but also get the 3 Months additional validity.



VPNHub Black Friday Deal Get Free one week deal



Do you want to reduce the cost of your VPN by half..??

Don’t miss this opportunity in this Black Friday where VPNHub is offering its plan at half price if you buy its annual plan. In this, one payment, you’ll have to pay just $89.88 that will make you able to access its services at the cost of $7.49/month on an average instead of paying $14.99 per month.

Guys, it’s a user-friendly option for staying protected online every time. Besides, it’s offering its services in 18 countries now and established more than 826 servers as of now.

Once more question will be floating in your mind that how many connections can be used at a time with the sole subscription and does it supports our system…??

Yeah, it’s more than average where you can use 3 parallel connections at a time. While it can be operated in many operating systems like iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows. Hope, your OS will be one of these!

Yup…, you can access worldwide using the VPNHub with a great connection speed of it!


SaferVPN Black Friday Deal Save 80% in this Cyber Monday


Have you heard about the SaferVPN sometime…??

We think that it may be a great option in terms of speed and 24/7 customer care service. With the help of SaferVPN, you can access the online players like US Netflix, and BBC iPlayer for the amusement where it’s available in your country or not. Besides, you can also access any Streaming service easily without any issues.

And what about the speed and performance of SaferVPN…??

Super cool…! The security of the SaferVPN is also strong which is enabled with 256-bit encryption. The privacy of the VPN has also been upgraded for making the user experiences greater.

SaferVPN apps support almost all Operating Systems that can be downloaded in MacOS, iOS, Android and Windows.

Probably you’ll now be thinking about the number of devices that it can support at a time…!

Yes, it can support up to 5 devices at a time from one subscription package.

Also, this can be accessed in 35 countries with more than 700 established servers. During the Black Friday Deal, it provides you a really great saving where you can avail the discount of 80% choosing a 3-Year Plan.

It means you only have to pay $2.29 per month instead of paying 4.99 USD per month in buying the 1-Year Plan. It’s amazing friends, our advice is – just go for it and grab this deal on Black Friday.

SurfShark VPN  Black Friday deal Save 83% in Black Friday & Cyber Monday


SurfShark VPN can be availed just after paying the $1.99/month during the Black Friday Deal. You’ll have to pay only USD 47.76 while beyond the deal, this package is available in USD 286.80. You can simply get this offer by entering the coupon code blackfriday.  It has more than 500 servers in 50 countries that supports all operating systems like iOS, Chrome, and Firefox, Windows, Linux, and Android. The best part of buying this VPN is the unlimited simultaneous connections.

Tunnel Bear VPN Save 58% with Black Friday & Cyber Monday deal



Tunnel Bear VPN is also a cool deal for you which is offering the discount up to 58% and it’s trusted because more than 20 million people have been joined it as of now. With the TunnelBear VPN, you can browse, and stream worry-free spending more time online. With the help of this VPN, you can keep your personal information away from hackers or advertisers. It supports many operating systems like iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows, by which you can easily operate it in many devices at a time. The support system is also excellent where the user gets the 24/7 email support. With the Grizzly Plan of Tunnel Bear VPN, you’ll get an excellent saving for up to 50% and it’ll b paid only $59.99 Yearly instead of paying $119.88.


Cactus VPN Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal save 58%



Cactus Vpn is a global network of servers which has been featured with a user-friendly interface. The Servers of CactusVPN has been established over 15 Locations all over the world. It has the smart DNS option and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. It can be accessed by five different devices and thus you can continue you surfing anonymously. With the annual plan, you’ll have to pay only $27.29 and thus you can save up to 54% here.





Other Black Friday VPN deals


IVPN also provides you the great discount on its plan where you’ll only have to pay $100.00 annually saving the 44% on the deal. This is a cheap deal where you’ll get a better security for your online task. It is fast and you can access media platforms like Netflix and other even after not allowing in your country. Using the IVPN, you’ll get the unlimited bandwidth and get the instant Account Activation. Thus accessing the IVPN, you can protect your all devices from online scams. It supports Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices. You can also get a 3-Day free trial before the activation of a plan.


FlowVPN has been established more than 100 servers with the 40+ countries availability including the United States. You should not miss this deal which will be valid till November where you can grab the FlowVPN with an astounding discount of 50% on the total price and you’ll have to pay only $47.88 for 1-Year. It means FlowVPN charge $3.99 per month on an average. You don’t have any need to clutch this offer during the deal. The payment is also quite easy that you can do via PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and UnionPay from anywhere.


With VPN-In-Touch, you get the full-proof online security which is very vital if you spend more time online protecting your secret information. This is a smaller company compared to the VPN Companies but has brought the attractive deals during the offer period. It’s providing the worldwide servers to access any blocked websites or services without any restriction with the 70% Attractive Discount in the yearly plan at just $29.99. This is a cool deal where you also get the 30 Days money back guarantee and it is a great plan that offers lots of data with a high speed. You also get a 7-Day Free Trial when downloading the app in your iOS or Android mobile phone unblocking your favorite websites whether these are available in your countries or not.

Stream VIA VPN

Stream VIA VPN allows you to access many of your favorite streaming websites, like YouTube and Netflix whether it’s available in your country or not by hiding your location. With the Stream VIA VPN, you get the unlimited bandwidth and also there will not be any fear of ISP throttling. You’ll also get the easy HD Videos streaming without any buffering if it’s not required any additional encryption. With the annual; plan of Stream VIA VPN, you can make a great saving by availing this offer at just £49.99 GBP.


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