Best Torrent Search Engines 2018 that you can’t miss today

Attention Torrent Users!
While you are downloading torrent files, Your ISP is monitoring your browsing history and downloaded file lists and will send you warning letters and you may end up getting fines or settle the cases in the court. To avoid this type of situation always use a VPN while torrenting so that your browsing habit remains encrypted and safe. Protect your privacy and get torrent VPN from below link.

Best Torrent Search Engine

Torrent websites are used to house a whole range of entertainment media, and many people use them in order to download such files easily onto their devices. For most people, there are usually a limited number of options as to which website they use to download from. Today, we’re going to change that. Imagine having a choice of torrent websites at your disposal, all of which offer different features. We’ve searched far and wide to give you a selection of the Best Torrent search engines, so you never have to worry about finding one again.

Torrents are not the most stable of entities – they often disappear without a moment’s notice, or become temporarily offline.  This is because a lot of them get removed as they have the potential to facilitate illegal file-sharing activities. Here’s the bit where we have to talk about boring legal issues: this website isn’t condoning any kind of illegal data transfer. Files that are copyrighted are not available to distribute legally – the P2P process itself is fully legal. In other words, it’s not the technology itself that’s illegal, it’s what is done with the technology. We just thought it was important to highlight that legal action can be taken against individuals who breach these rules.

Before you start downloading and sharing files, it is incredibly important that you protect your data. ISPS (Internet Service Providers) are at liberty to view people’s browsing activity… a rather uncomfortable thought, isn’t it? You should, in theory, be able to enjoy the internet while keeping your privacy. This can be done by downloading a software that will encrypt the information that you send and receive while also changing the IP address that it’s being sent from. In this manner, no activity can be traced back directly to you. Moreover, all your data remains completely secure.

Now that we’ve given you all the necessary information, let’s end all of the anticipations! Time to reveal our favorite torrent search engine

Top 10 Torrent search engines that still works in 2018 / 2019

  2. Torrentz2
  3. Toorgle
  4. Zooqle
  5. A10 search
  6. Get Torrents
  7. Veoble
  8. RARBG
  9. The Pirate Bay
  10. 1337x

How to Stay Safe While Using Torrents?

Using torrent without a VPN is like playing with fire. Your ISP, Copyright protection firms and your Govt. is watching internet traffics and copyright infringement is a serious crime and considered as punishable felony in most of the countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia etc. To hide your internet traffic you must use a torrent VPN. Not all VPN is optimised for torrents. We have researched and tested numerous VPN services (more than 100) and found that not all VPN provider is safe. Some will throttle your internet speed, some won’t allow torrenting, some will ban your account if you use P2P clients like uTorrent. After tremendous testing, speedtest and closely observing their No-Log policy we have made the below list of TOP 5 Torrent VPN. You can check the pricing and buy. Remember the links has additional discount only for readers so don’t hesitate to use this discounted link from the table. Our honest listing only contains the best of the markets in terms of speed, security and price.

VPN ProviderReview RatingPrice/MonthWebsite
1. Ivacy VPN ★★★★★ 1.66$
2. Private Internet Access VPN ★★★★★ 3.33$
3. TorGuard VPN ★★★★ 9.99$
4. Express VPN ★★★★★ 8.32$

A closer look into Torrent search engines search engine

Let’s kick things off with this brilliant torrent search engine. The first particularly striking feature worth mentioning is that the homepage tells you what other people have been searching for, thus allowing you to gauge popular demand if that’s the sort of thing that you’re interested in. Don’t worry about adverts running rampant on the screen of your device, doesn’t quite deem them necessary.  Rather helpfully it also has a filter system and if you proceed to scroll down to the bottom of the homepage the variety of torrent sites are split into multiple categories meaning you don’t have to do the work yourself.

Torrentz2 search engine


You might not be aware that Torrentz2’s predecessor, Torrentz has recently become offline. Not to worry, however, as Torrentz2 somewhat exceeds expectations. Despite having a lot to live up to, it provides an amazing Torrent Search service, drawing from over 60 million torrents. If you’re looking for a site that’s going to scour every dark crevice of the web, this one is ideal. It’s incredibly simple to use, and does the job well… need we say more?

Toorgle search engine


The names of these search engines get progressively wackier.  Following in the footsteps of its famous namesake (no points for guessing which multimillion search engine company this is) Toorgle has a traditional user interface.  Despite its old-fashioned graphics, it still packs a punch in terms of search power. It looks through over 400 torrent sites to try and find what you’re looking for. We’d give 10/10 in terms of effort.

Zooqle search engine


You probably think that we are trying to be funny here. We’re not. Google has many companies that name themselves after it, and this one is no exception. It is, however, an exception in other ways. It caters to a very specific audience. As has been previously mentioned people usually use torrent sites to stream media. What Zooqle does is display thumbnails of popular media downloaded on its homepage, so that you are presented with a visual collection of whatever type of media people have gravitated most towards. In addition, you are able to gain more information about the given thumbnail if you hover over it with your mouse. This user-friendly feature is quite striking, as you don’t even have to do your own research about the program. Nice.

A10 search


We’d say that this is targeted primarily at novices – if you don’t know how to work your way around torrents just quite yet (though with this article we must say we’re doing most of the work for you) this Torrent search engine is remarkably helpful. When you initially go onto it, you are presented with a brief tutorial addressing its usage. Like some of the others, it has a filter system incorporated into it which means that you can ensure that you only get the file type that you’re looking for.

Get Torrents search engine


We haven’t yet addressed the issue of torrent activity on different devices. This website has recently been updated to work just as well on your mobile device as well as your desktop. Because it has been updated so much, it has changed names a few times, so you may not have even heard of this one before.

Veoble search


Veoble is undoubtedly the best on the list when it comes to filtering things. This comes, however, at the expense of two other very important features. Understandably Veoble isn’t that intuitive as it offers an advanced filtration system. This may be one for those of you who are more advanced users. Secondly, and also regrettably, Veoble can’t claim to be free of advertisements. So, if you’re easily irritated by them, we’d recommend steering clear of this particular website. You’d have to weigh this out as the filter feature is rather remarkable.

RARBG as search engine

This is another Torrent Search engine for those of you who are entertainment lovers. Primarily for entertainment media, this torrent engine is a stylish alternative to more conventional ones. It works by tagging TV shows and other popular entertainment according to their genre so you can see what sort of things you’d like even if you’ve only downloaded one.

The Pirate Bay as search engine

You’re probably surprised to see this result so low on our list. Well, we haven’t been ordering them in terms of rank anyway, but you’d expect to see it higher on our list regardless. It seems as though this site has been operating for the longest time, and for good reason. But this can also be seen as being old. Not that that’s an issue, if anything, it adds reliability, right? But The Pirate Bay has been involved in some scandals regarding hacked CPUs. Despite this, it does have an incredibly large number of Torrents. There is a slight risk involved.

1337x as torrent search engine

We’ll end it on a bit of a rough note. This site has also suffered the impact of time but has resurfaced, stronger, every time. Though it’s what’s on the inside that counts, we can’t help but make a comment about the rather strange nature of the site design. The red and black gives it a rather intimidating feel. It has come back offering a large range of features- trending torrent lists for one. You can see which torrent is the most popular, which is useful if you’re browsing for new ideas as to which TV show to watch.

We think we’ll end the list there – we’ve provided a variety of options for you to see which Torrent Search engine is the best for you. Just on a final note, here are a few things to consider when you are choosing a Torrent search engine, as you can never be too careful:

  • What are your priorities? Do you prefer a simple user interface, or are willing to sacrifice that for the ability to filter your results?
  • Do you mind adverts or think that they are necessary and have to be tolerated in order to access a wider variety of torrents?
  • Are the files you’re downloading legal? If they’re breaching copyright laws you may be in some serious trouble.
  • Is the Torrent search engine you’re using actually authentic? Sometimes search engines that you are familiar with can have impersonating search engines that change their name only slightly and attempt to steal data from you.
  • Are you safe? While torrenting, it is imperative that you have a VPN connection to make sure that your data is safe, and your internet browsing is inaccessible.
  • What kind of device are you going to use when using a Torrent Search engine? Some of them are not compatible with mobile devices and therefore won’t be of use to you if you choose to download torrents on your phone.


We hope that we’ve been able to demonstrate the sheer quantity of options you have while choosing a torrent search engine. The best thing about the ones listed above is that they’re up to date, so you shouldn’t encounter any difficulties in accessing them.

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